November 11, 2022

Dark mode in web design 2022

Dark mode is the trend of the moment in design that basically consists of a dark background with light colored text. Generally, black or gray tones are used as the main background color, taking into account the different tastes and functions that each client needs.

dark mode, Photo by Zan on Unsplash

Dark mode is revolutionizing the market so it's time for your website to be updated. Choosing the right background is very important in the design of a website, this means that you must take into account the advantages and disadvantages, as well as some tips and experiences to start designing your own dark mode.

And with users in mind, the best thing about this trend is that it works like a light switch, with the option to switch it to either day or night, providing visual comfort by reducing blue light and glare while protecting eyesight in dark conditions. little or no light. It is implemented as an option so that people can turn it on or off on the website whenever they choose.

Photo by Edho Pratama on Unsplash

User preferences for this type of interface are due to its benefits, since being a novel design in the market improves the user experience by giving it a new and aesthetically different appearance than usual, which allows you to increase traffic to your site. Web.

It also offers an advantage for devices with OLED screens because they can save battery life by using less power and less prone to failure due to good contrast adjustment for all colors, thus improving appearance.

Improves concentration and attention by eliminating colors and white backgrounds. Websites with more graphic content are the best option to use this dark mode since a website with a lot of content is usually not compatible with dark mode.

In contrast, dark modes can increase your focus by drawing your attention to the content displayed on the site due to the high contrast between the text and the background color, allowing the content to stand out and the background to fade. The disadvantages of dark mode are few, but one of them and the most outstanding is that this graphic theme affects readability.

This is because light lettering on dark backgrounds disturbs visual focus and is therefore recommended to be used only in dimly lit locations.